GPH – Semiautomatic Polishing Machine

Clear construction, manual loading, simple operation

Special features

  • Clearly arranged
  • Easy to operate
  • Many kinds of saw blades with different surface can be polished
  • Automatic dressing of the polishing wheel
  • Variable polishing pressure
  • RPM regulated table and polishing wheel drive
  • Control panel for parameter input and process indication

Technical description

  • One saw blade will be put manually on the table
  • Start of the polishing cycle
  • All drives will be stopped after the polishing cycle
  • The saw blade will be turned over manually

Technical data

  • Diameter of saw blades standard: up to 800 mm
  • Polishing wheel: max.Ø400x127x(20-50) mm
  • Machine dimensions: (LxWxH) 1700 x 1500 x 2700 mm


  • Water container with magnetic filter and pump
  • 2 rotating directions for the table and polishing wheel –for polishing of strobe saw blades
  • Magnetic table for light grinding operations


Special design on request