GLA – LASER Marking Machine

LASER marking of workpieces by industrial LASER sources. Semi- or fully automatic processing of circular saws, circular knives, inserts, drill bits and cutters.

Special features

  • Closed LASER cabin
  • The work pieces can be orientated at geometry features
  • Standardised magazine cart system with high saw blade storage capacity
  • Industrial PC with touch screen and machine operation with WINDOWS interface

Technical description

  • The circular saw blades, stacked on magazine cart 1 and separated by intermediate layers, are retrieved by means of a handling device comprising a magnetic gripper- and vacuum suction system
  • The saw blades are conveyed onto the marking table
  • The marking table moves into the machine and the sliding door is closed
  • The saw blade is aligned by means of a Laser sensor. The saw blade can be turned and moved linear as such that each point on the saw blade surface can be marked
  • The finished saw blades and the intermediate layers are changed over to the second magazine cart

Technical data

  • Saw blade diameter standard: 100 – 800 mm
  • Various Marking LASER sources are available


  • Orientation sensor
  • Magazine cart system

Special requirements on request