GSPME – Tension Measuring Machine

Measuring of axial run-out, saw tension, flatness of a saw body, graphical display of the measuring data

Special characteristics

  • Runout and tensioning measuring of saw blades and saw bodies
  • Solid saw clamping with high precision bearing und repeatable measuring results
  • Measuring of inconsistent tension by means of a special deformation cylinder
  • Sort set up time for different saw sizes
  • Ease machine operation
  • Short training time
  • Training lessons available how to tension a saw blade

Technical description

  • The saw blade is placed manually on the saw blade holder and clamped between 2 flanges
  • The dial indicator and the deformation roll have to be adjusted to the right diameter
  • The saw body is deformed for a certain distance for measuring the tension
  • The tension is measured by manual rotation of the saw blade and by reading the dial indicator
  • The measured tensioning can be compared by a reference table


  • Compact and solid machine body
  • Compact saw blade holder with high precision bearing
  • Pneumatic drive of the tensioning roll
  • Adjustable dial indicator
  • Special tension roll on adjustable slide
  • Changing parts at the machine frame

Technical data

  • Saw blade diameter: 200 – 800 mm
  • Option: bis 1300 mm
  • Maschine dimensions: 800x650x1600 mm (LxWxH)


  • Flanges: Ø80 / 100 / 120 / 180
  • Industrial PC with touch screen for parameter input and process display

Special design on request