GSPM – Tension Measuring Machine

Measuring of axial run-out, saw tension, flatness of a saw body, graphical display of the measuring data

Special characteristics

  • Measuring of axial run-out, saw tension, flatness of a saw body
  • Graphical display of the measuring data
  • Easy maintenance
  • Fast and accurate change-over to different saw blade sizes
  • Simple operation
  • Short training period
  • Industrial PC with touchscreen and machine operation with WINDOWS interface

Technical description

  • The saw body is placed on the saw holder and pneumatically clamped between 2 flanges
  • Programming of the saw data
  • The measuring data is recorded during the rotation of the saw blade
  • The saw body is deflected by a roll with a fixed distance for measuring the saw tension
  • Graphical display of measuring data on the screen
  • The data can be printed or stored into a data file


  • Machine frame with high precision spindle
  • Adjustable slide for the precision laser sensor
  • Adjustable slide for the tensioning roll

Technical data

  • Diameter of saw blades: 180 – 900 mm
  • Special Ø: up to 1300 mm
  • Machine dimensions: 1300x900x1800 mm (LxWxH)


  • Automatic adjustment for the measuring sensor and tensioning roll by electrical motor

Special design on request