GSH – Semiautomatic Shot-blasting Machine

Easy to operate, maximum reliability and reduced cost for waer and tear

Special features

  • Solid and compact design
  • Easy to operate
  • Minimized number of moveable parts in the shot blasting area, i.e. maximum reliability and reduced costs for wear and tear
  • Operator-friendly accessibility to all machine areas
  • Freely programmable shot-blasting parameters
  • Highly simplified adjustment process, minimized change-over times and reproducibility

Technical description

  • The saw blade is manually placed onto the saw blade holder
  • The saw blade is driven by an electrical motor into the cabin according to the programmed diameter
  • The saw blade rotates during the shot blasting process. And the horizontal axis moves the saw blade in order to achieve a determined width of the blasting area on the saw blade


  • Shot blasting cabin with ejector nozzles
  • Saw blade holder on a horizontal linear axis
  • PLC machine control with operator panel for parameter input and process indication

Technical data

  • Diameter of saw blades: up to 2200 mm
  • Electrical lining: 3 x 400 V
  • Pneumatical lining: approx. 6 bar
  • Machine dimensions: 3500x1500x2500 mm (LxWxH)


  • Saw blade holder for small saw blade diameter
  • Exhaust unit

Special requirements on request