GS – Automatic Shot-blasting Machine

Very robust and compact construction, user friendly access, minor auxiliary process time

Special features

  • Very solid and compact design
  • Minimized number of moveable parts in the shotblasting area, i.e. maximum reliability and reduced costs for wear and tear
  • Operator-friendly accessibility to all machine areas
  • Fast movements and minimal idle time for loading and unloading the saw blades by means of a rotary indexing table system, as well as the special arrangement of the shot blasting nozzles
    > maximum productivity and minimized consumption costs
  • Freely programmable and storable shot-blasting parameters (shot-blasting time, position of the nozzles, etc.) by identification numbers
  • highly simplified adjustment process, minimized change-over times and reproducibility

Technical description

  • The saw blades are stacked on the left magazine cart and are automatically picked up and placed on the turntable by means of a handling unit
  • The turntable turns the saw blade by 180° into the shot blasting cabinet where it is clamped driven by means of a vertical cylinder and motor and is shot blasted
  • The finished saw blade is turned out of the cabinet, picked up by means of the handling unit and placed onto the second magazine cart on the right-hand side
  • While the next saw blade is being shot blasted an unfinished blade is placed by the handling unit on the turntable


  • Two Magazin carts: stack height 800 mm
  • Robot system

Technical data

  • Diameter of saw blades: 100 – 500 mm
  • Special design: 100 – 800 mm
  • Electrical lining: 3 x 400 V; 50 Hz 24 V
  • Pneumatical lining: approx. 7 bar
  • Stack height of magazine cart: approx. 800 mm
  • Machine dimensions (LxWxH) 3500x2500x3000 mm


  • Camera for quality inspection
  • Installation for Cleaning- and Drying (modularly extendable)
  • Exhaust unit

Special design on request