GQSE – Semi-Automatic Quality Control

Quick control of the toothing on circular saw blades.

Special features

  • 100% quality inspection of carbide tips on circular saw blades
  • Optical measuring and checking of brazed and ground saw blades
  • Few interchange parts for changeover, short setup times
  • Industrial PC with touch screen and state of the art machine control technology using WINDOWS

Technical description

  • Programming of the saw data and saving in a database
  • The saw blade is manually positioned in the control position
  • The saw blade rotates and every tip is inspected by a camera
  • Various features are inspected according to programed tolerances
  • Graphic display of the inspection results

Technical data

  • Diameter of saw blades: 160 – 800 mm
  • Tip width: 1.5 – 6 mm
  • Tip length: 3.5 – 13 mm


  • Motor driven saw blade holder
  •  Industrial PC with Touch Panel
  • Additional camera
  • Remote maintenance


Special design on request