GQS – Quality Control System

100% quality inspection of carbide tips on circular saw blades with precleaning

Special features

  • 100% quality inspection of carbide tips on circular saw blades
  • Cleaning of the saw blades
  • Optical measuring and checking of brazed and ground saw blades
  • Few interchange parts for changeover, short setup times
  • Changeover mainly by data input into the machine control
  • Industrial PC with touch screen and state of the art machine control technology using WINDOWS

Technical description

  • Programming of the saw data and saving in a database
  • The saw blade is positioned according to diameter and rake angle in the control position
  • The saw blade rotates and every tip is inspected by cameras from different views
    Measuring of rake angle
    Measuring of centre position of the tip
    Measuring axial angle
    Control of tip position
    Control of tip orientation
    Control of hardness failures on the saw body
    Control of the solder seam
    Control of broken tip edges
  • Tolerances for every inspection feature
  • The faulty checkpoints can be marked by a colour dot
  • The controlled saw blade is separated by a handling system in a magazine for good or faulty parts (Option)

Technical data

  • Diameter of saw blades: 160 – 800 mm
  • Special Ø: up to 1600 / 2200 mm
  • Rake angle: -10° bis +30°
  • Tip width: 1.5 – 7 mm
  • Tip length: 3.5 – 13 mm
  • Machine dimensions: 1300x1200x1900 mm (LxWxH)


  • Robot system
  • Remote maintenance
  • Marking system

Special design on request