GPS – Automatic Surface Grinding Machine

Fully automatic surface grinding of base bodies, two magnetic tables with brushing facility

Special features

  • Fully automatic surface grinding of saw bodies
  • Measuring of the saw body thickness
  • Constant cutting speed by means of automatic adjustment of the grinding wheel RPM
  • Automatic halving of oversize dimensions
  • Automatic magnetic control equipment
  • No idle time for loading, turning, cleaning, and unloading through the application of two grinding tables
  • Industrial PC with touch screen and the state-of-the-art machine control technology using WINDOWS

Technical description

  • The saw bodies with plates placed in between to protect the bodies, are stacked on the left magazine cart
  • By means of a handling unit – a combination of a magnetic and vacuum grip System – the saw bodies are automatically picked up
  • The electromagnetic grinding table 1 or 2 is cleaned by means of a brush unit and the saw body is being placed on the table
  • The saw body is surface ground by means of an electrically driven grinding wheel
  • During the grinding process, the grinding wheel is moved with a linear movement over the saw body
  • The thickness of the saw body is measured by means of a measuring system during the grinding process
  • After the first side is finished, the saw body is cleaned by means of the brush unit and turned over. Before the saw body is placed back an the grinding table the table is also cleaned by means of the brush unit. The second side of the saw body is surface ground
  • While surface grinding takes place on one of the grinding tables the other table or the other saw body is cleaned and the saw body is turned over, or a new body is placed on that table, or the protection plates are transferred to the second magazine cart
  • All the surface-ground saw bodies are stacked on the second magazine cart on the right-hand side

Standard equipment

  • Two electromagnetic grinding tables with brush units
  • Measuring System
  • Two magazine carts: stack height 800 mm
  • Cooling water container and pumps
  • Central lubrication system

Technical data

  • Diameter of saw blades standard: 100 / 500 / 700 / 1000
  • Grinding wheel: Ø500 x127x20-60 mm/600x203x80 mm
  • Machine dimensions L x W x H: approx. 2.500 x 1.800 x 3.100 mm
  • Weight: approx. 8.000 kg


  • Installation for separating the saw bodies
  • Installation for cleaning and drying
  • Profiled work pieces (hub saw bodies/ tapered saw bodies/ paper knives)

Special design on request