GPS2 – Automatic Surface Grinding Machine

Fully automatic surface grinding of base bodies, vibration-isolating polymer concrete frame, two magnetic tables with brushing facility

Special characteristics

  • Fully automatic surface grinding of base bodies
  • Vibration-isolating polymer concrete frame
  • Automatic thickness measurement with direct or indirect measuring system
  • Constant cutting velocity by automatic adjustment of the grinding disk speed
  • Integrated cleaning and drying facility of auxiliary times by utilising two magnetic tables
  • Industrial PC with touch screen and machine operation with WINDOWS interface

Technical description

  • The base bodies, stacked on the magazine cart, are retrieved by a handling device with magnetic gripper
  • Magnetic table 1 or 2 is cleaned by means of a brushing mechanism and the base body is placed in position by the handling device
  • The base body is ground flat by a motor-driven grinding disk
  • During the grinding process, the grinding disk is guided linearly across the base body
  • The base body thickness is measured by a measuring system during the grinding process
  • After the grinding process on the first side, the base is cleaned by means of the brushing mechanism
  • Before turning and placing the base body on the magnetic table again, the table is first cleaned in the cleaning and drying facility
  • Thereafter, the second base body side is ground flat
  • During the sharpening process on one of the magnetic tables, the other table is cleaned and loaded again
  • finished base bodies, ground flat, are stacked on the magazine cart

Standard features

  • Two magnetic tables with brushing facility
  • Measuring system
  • Two magazine carts: stacking height 800 mm
  • Cooling water container with pumps
  • Central lubrication

Technical data

  • Base body diameter standard: 100 – 810 mm
  • Grinding disk: max. Ø700 x Ø 280 x 60-80 mm
  • Machine dimensions (LxWxH): 3000 x 2400 x 2700 mm
  • Weight: approx. 22,000 kg


  • Magazine cart handling

Special design on request