GLB – Automatic Brazing Machine for Band Saws

Very clear and reliable rotary indexing table for tooth preparation, fast and accurate change-over to different band saws

Special characteristics

  • Very clear and reliable top plate system (patented DBP No. 3621 415)
  • Easy maintenance
  • Tooth orientation by means of optical contact-free position recognition system
  • Precise and accurate positioning of the solder cutting station
  • Accurate flux dosing onto the tooth and solder by means of electronic dosage device and large supply container (no soiling, no drying)
  • Quick and accurate conversion to different saw blade sizes
  • Simple operation
  • Short training period

Technical description

  • Arranging and feeding of the tungsten carbide teeth by means of a sorting device and longitudinal conveyor belt
  • Dosing the flux onto the tungsten carbide tooth by means of dosing valve 1
  • Cutting the soldering platelets off an endless strip and punching onto the tungsten carbide tooth
  • Dosing the flux onto the soldering disc by means of dosing valve 2
  • Transferring the prepared tungsten carbide tooth to the ceramic-surfaced and water-cooled brazing tongs
  • Soldering the tungsten carbide tooth onto the band saw
  • Manual loading and unloading of the unsoldered and soldered saw blades


  • Top plate system
  • Electronic dosage system
  • Temperature control device
  • HF generator: 5,6 kW
  • Operating interface for parameter input and process indication
  • PLC machine control

Technical data

  • Band saw width: 25 – 150 mm
  • Rake angle: -10° to +10°
  • Tungsten carbide tooth width: 1,0 – 5 mm
  • Tungsten carbide tooth length: 4,0 – 12 mm


  • Silver wire feed unit
  • Water-cooling system

Special design on request